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Dong Ding Oolong is a premium Taiwanese high mountain tea known for its fragrant aroma , crispy floral notes and a smooth, sweet lingering aftertaste.


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Dong Ding Oolong also known as ‘Tung Ting’, ‘Frozen Summit’ and ‘Icy-peak’,  is a premium quality oolong tea from Taiwan which is highly regarded in the Taiwanese tea industry. 

Dong Ding Oolong grows in the famous Dong Ding mountain (Taiwan) at an altitude of 700-1000 meters. This is the perfect climate for producing a particularly fragrant oolong tea with crispy floral notes and a smooth, sweet lingering aftertaste. Dong Ding Oolong is 30% oxidised. 

Oolong tea is refereed to as a semi-oxidised tea and falls in the category between a fully oxidised black tea and non-oxidised green tea. The oxidisation levels in oolong can vary between 10-80% based on the production style. Less oxidised oolongs leans closer to green tea flavour and the higher oxidised closer to a black tea.




Oolong tea leaves


Dong Ding Mountain, Nantou, Taiwan

Steeping guide:

Tea: 3g Water: 95 C, 1 cup    Time: 3-5 min

Recommended number of steeping :  3-4 times

How to prepare:

There is no set rule for brewing tea because each tea type is different.

This is a rough guide to get you started. Please experiment to find your ideal steeping time based on your personal taste.

Before preparing any type of tea always warm the teapot and tea cups by rinsing it with hot water.

Put 3 g of tea in the preheated tea pot and add water at 95 C and rinse the tea before preparing the first infusion so the leaves are clean and soft for brewing.

For the first infusion, pour water at 95 C over the tea leaves and let it steep for 3-5 minutes.

When brewing in a tea pot please pour the tea out in cups until the last drop to avoid over steeping the tea left in the teapot as this will result in a unpleasant and bitter flavor.

Don’t throw out your tea leaves after your first cup of tea. The same tea leaves can be steeped up to 3-4 times. Discover the nuances of tea with every infusion.

Use the same temperature of water for the next few infusions and experiment with the steeping time 30s,1 min or even longer. 


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Customer Reviews

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Dong Ding or Ding Dong!

This is the first tea I tried from Green Leaf Tea House. It was chosen by my husband when he tasted it at the Helensvale Market. He brought a pack home. Lucky me, now addicted.

Great choice :) I remember the DING DONG joke!
Helensvale is a great little market with a wonderful local community supporting it. Thank you.

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