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2019 Brisbane BrewIN | Tea Tasting

2019 Brisbane BrewIN BrewIN BrewIN Tea tasting BRISBANE BREWIN NEWS Tea Tasting


Brisbane BrewIN 2019BrewIN 2019

The annual Brisbane BrewIN is a wonderful celebration of 'pure leaf tea'.

We bring together a specially curated list of tea practitioners and high-quality tea specialists to share the largest and most enjoyable tea session in the South East Queensland corner.

On June 22nd 2019, we had an intimate tea session at each tea tasting table with a small group of people along with three tea workshops throughout the day. 

If you missed Brisbane BrewIN this year, make sure you join us next year :) 

Below is a little snap shot of my intimate tea session :

At my tea tasting table we focused on the impact of terrior and processing on flavour. We started the session sampling four artisan teas but i think we ended up sampling a lot more as the conversations went on.... that's what happens with good tea :) 

Below is a list of the four main teas we sampled at the tea tasting table with a steeping guide:


Tea name: Darjeeling (1st flush) 
Origin: Darjeeling, India
Flavor: Fragrant & mellow with sweet vegetal notes & unripe fruity undertones
Steeping guide: Tea: 1 tsp Water: 85 C, 1 cup Time: 3-4 minutes
Re-steep: up to 2 times    

Tea name: Lapsang Souchong (Wild)
Origin: Wuyi mountain, Fujian Province, China
Flavor: Exotic & unique Logan fruit aroma with strong honey & caramel flavour Steeping guide: Tea: 3 g Water: 90 C, 1 cup Time: 3-5 minutes
Re-steep: up to 3 times


Tea name: Longjing 
Origin: Hangzhou, China
Flavor: Fragrant tea, soft & mellow with a hint of chestnut flavor
Steeping guide: 
Tea: 2 g Water: 85 C, 1 cup Time: 3 minutes
Re-steep: up to 3 times    

Tea name: Spring Sencha
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Flavor: Vibrant, refreshing aroma with delightful vegetal notes & well balanced sweetness
Steeping guide: Tea: 5 g Water: 80 C, 1 cup Time: 1 minute
Re-steep: up to 3 times







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