ARTISAN TEA SAMPLE PACK includes five exclusive handpicked and hand crafted tea varieties from India, China and Taiwan.
ARTISAN TEA SAMPLE PACK featuring five exclusive tea types from India, China & Taiwan. A great introduction to the world of tea.


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Artisan tea sample pack includes 'five exclusive tea varieties' from India, Taiwan and China.

All the teas included in this special sample pack are hand picked and hand crafted artisan teas that vary in taste, style and tea type. White, Green, Oolong, Black and Pu-erh teas, a fantastic introduction to the world of tea.

The selection of teas in this sample pack may vary depending on the availability. Each sample pack serves two cups that can be infused multiple times.


Darjeeling Tea : Black tea

Long jing: Green tea

Dong Ding : Oolong tea

Pu-erh  Mini Tuocha: Pu-erh tea

Bai Mu Dan : White tea


India, China, Taiwan

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