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Genmaicha is a Japanese name for ‘brown rice tea’. It is a traditional tea in most Japanese households. This Genmaicha is made from ‘organic’ ingredients- sencha (green tea) and roasted rice grains.

The tea brews a light yellow colour with a warm roasted rice aroma, a mild green tea flavor combined with sweetness and nuttiness of the roasted rice.



Green tea, roasted brown rice


Kyoto, Japan

Steeping guide:

Tea: 3g Water: 80 C, 1cup   Time: 1min

Recommended number of steeping :  2-3 times

How to prepare:

There is no set rule for brewing tea because each tea type is different.

This is a rough guide to get you started. Please experiment to find your ideal steeping time based on your personal taste.

Before preparing any type of tea always warm the teapot and tea cups by rinsing it with hot water.

Put 3 g of tea in the preheated tea pot and add water at 80 C over the leaves in a circular manner so that all the leaves are wet .Let it steep for 1 minute.

When brewing in a tea pot please pour the tea out in cups until the last drop to avoid over steeping the tea left in the teapot as this will result in a unpleasant and bitter flavor.

Don’t throw out your tea leaves after your first cup of tea. The same tea leaves can be steeped up to three times. Discover the nuances of tea with every infusion.

For the second infusion, increase water temperature to 85 C and steep for only 30 seconds. It is a quick steep because the leaves are already wet and have brewed after the first infusion.

Increase the water temperature to 90 C for the third infusion and let it steep for 2 minutes to extract all the flavour from the tea leaves

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