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Matcha is finely powdered green tea. It is customarily used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies but lately its been gaining popularity world wide due to its health benefits.

This ceremonial grade matcha brews up a stunning emerald green color, rich and creamier than ordinary matcha with light sweetness and no bitterness at all. This matcha is made from a special tea cultivar (Gokou) that was developed exclusively for the climate of the Kyoto region (Japan).

The tea leaves are shaded for approximately 3-4 weeks before harvest and then grounded into a fine powder by a stone mill. The shading of the tea leaves increases the amount of amino acid, 'L- theanine' in the leaves. 

Matcha has caffenine and L-theanine and the combination of both has known to promote a mindful state of relaxation, increase in the ability to multi-task, improve concentration, decrease anxiety and task-induced fatigue. 

Ingredients: Green tea

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Steeping guide:

Tea: 1 g (1/3 tsp) Water: 70-80 C, 1/3 cup Time: 15-40 sec

How to prepare:

Warm the bowl with hot water and wipe it dry.

Sift 1/3 tsp matcha into the bowl.

Add around 10 ml of water at 80 C.

Whisk vigorously using a bamboo whisk in a back and forth stroking ('W' or 'M') motion until the matcha has a thick froth. A milk frother can also be used instead of a bamboo whisk.

Add more water (80 C ), 70 ml or more to your liking and give it a quick whisk.

Enjoy matcha straight from the bowl.

Matcha is a powdered leaf that is suspended in hot water during whisking. Enjoy matcha immediately after whisking before the particles settle to the bottom of the bowl.



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